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Age of Sigmar

April 19, 2017

In the Spirit of updating this blog once every 3 years, I feel now is a good time to!

Like a chronic illness that rises above the parapet every now and then I’ve become endeared to starting a new army (I still own the ones from my post in 2014! crazy how time flies.) I’m thinking about Lizardmen…or “Seraphon” as they’re now known.

Realistically i’m not going to be able to play any time soon, but what the heck, I want to get back into the spirit of painting up stuff and making terrain again and the Lizardmen seem like a good excuse to do this. I’m also hoping I can do finish up some old designs i’d made for Aztec miniatures – which should crossover well with Lizardmen.

So far I’ve ordered, from china an OOP Skink chief, the model of which I always loved. It looked good in the pictures and was cheap so I don’t think i’ll be loosing too much. I think i’m going to go for a diverse collection and get the “start collecting box” for like £40, extremely good value when you consider the Dinosaur riding guy that comes with it costs that much on his own!

Hopefully if this plan comes to be i’ll have another post soon…if not see you in 2020!


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