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A few things.

Right, an update, huzzah! 

I’ve been very, very busy I guess, both with work and Hobby.

Hobby wise i’ve been building lots of ruins etc. an example can be seen here, Amongst other Models!

So here’s a breakdown of my current 40k stuff.

Imperial Guard 

-Vostroyan sqaud


(watch this space)


– 3 warriors

– 12 termagants

-12 hormagaunts

-1 Carnifex 

Chaos Space marines

– 1 terminator lord

– 5 terminators

-2 rhinos

-1 predator

– 10 marines

– 10 cultists

-6 chosen

I’ve always got a new terrain project on the go, and will have examples of my work up very soon (going to create a new blog, for enquires about comissions etc.) and i’ll be selling some stuff on Ebay. 

I’m Very happy with how my Vostroyans are turning out, I think they’re great models. 


Hey all, Over the past couple of months I’ve been painting a chaos space marine army, currently I’ve got

> 1 terminator lord
> 5 terminators
> 10 chaos marines
> 6 chosen
> 10 chaos cultists
> 2 chaos rhinos
> 1 chaos predator

I’ve painted everything up except 3 terminators and a rhino and predator

I’ll post some pictures when it’s all done, I’m very happy with them. I think I’ll do a Tyranid army next.


I must say, it’s been a huge amount of time since I last posted, mostly because for a long time it had nothing to post about, however since the last post I’ve come a very long way in general, and am actually drawing up plans to start small terrain commissions.

I quite enjoyed doing guides, like I did in the past and I certainly think that I’ll do more in the near future. No photos this time (as they’re all located elsewhere) but next post I’ll get some up.

– Henry

An update of sorts..

Have been busy making an Aztec village and painting up my minis (have 25 Aztec now) only got access to a decent camera not to long ago..  here’s where most of my stuff has been documented as of late Below is an Aztec temple i’ve been working on, it’s made entirely of blue foam and has a plasticard base, was very fun and relatively easy to make (just lots of drying time) i’ll be uploading an aztec house tutorial when i have some extra time (next week probably)  enjoy this for now though 😛 



Been busy!

Wow, it’s been an incredibly long amount of time since i last posted 😦 whoops i’ve been very very busy but soon i shall be free to post to my hearts content! I am determined to get some of my Mayans up 🙂

They came, I saw, I painted

So my Mayans arrived today from outpost, i must say they are brilliant sculpts and have been a joy to paint so far below is one of the figs painted up 🙂


Mayans are the decided upon faction hehehe ordering them now 🙂 look very interesting to paint…