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A few things.

June 22, 2014

Right, an update, huzzah! 

I’ve been very, very busy I guess, both with work and Hobby.

Hobby wise i’ve been building lots of ruins etc. an example can be seen here, Amongst other Models!

So here’s a breakdown of my current 40k stuff.

Imperial Guard 

-Vostroyan sqaud


(watch this space)


– 3 warriors

– 12 termagants

-12 hormagaunts

-1 Carnifex 

Chaos Space marines

– 1 terminator lord

– 5 terminators

-2 rhinos

-1 predator

– 10 marines

– 10 cultists

-6 chosen

I’ve always got a new terrain project on the go, and will have examples of my work up very soon (going to create a new blog, for enquires about comissions etc.) and i’ll be selling some stuff on Ebay. 

I’m Very happy with how my Vostroyans are turning out, I think they’re great models. 


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