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The Astral Host.

April 21, 2017

Over the past couple of days i’ve been reading up on the lore for AoS and with the help of some people on the DakkaDakka forum i’ve managed to learn a fair bit.

The Seraphon (or Lizardmen) are essentially “good” Daemons in the AoS universe, vaguely existing in temple cities in the sky. The Slann are the only non Daemon type (hence they summon the rest of the troops into battle) For me, as someone who likes to build terrain focused around the themes of the armies I play this presents an interesting situation and prompts me to ask some questions:

Do the Seraphon have homes, cities outside of their “spaceships”?

That is to say, have the colonised the Mortal realms at all, I think the answer to this at the moment is a solid “no” sadly, which means Domestic terrain e.g. housing will have to take a backseat.

What can I build instead?

I think the safest bet is to focus any future efforts on scatter terrain. The mortal realms offer a vast myriad of biomes and the like for creating terrain, and not just your standard hill either. The realm of metal for example, could allow for alien looking worlds, blended with Gothic architecture (a free-guild settlement for example) Rivers of molten metal spring to mind, perhaps crystalline outcrops.

The Army

So, what will my daemon lizard army be consisting of? I need a Slann priest, that’s a certainty. As someone whose primary motivation is painting and creating rather than playing (for lack of opponents, to some extent) My preference is to create a force using a broad spectrum of the forces on offer, from Skink to Kroxigar.





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