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How to make a quick Rocky Outcrop

Right, here is a tutorial that I’ve written for anyone wishing to make one firstly here is what you will need:  (links included to sites where I purchased stuff from)

building time (excluding drying): about 3 hours.

And here is the Tutorial:

  1. The foam block, if purchased in A4 size will be too big (well it was for me) so what I suggest is roughly dividing the block in half longways using the knife to cut it in half.
  2. Now you should have two halves of the block, put one to the side as it can be used for a different project. Once this has done cut off the corners of the block.
  3.  The block should be 25mm thick, measure up to half way (12.5mm) and make markings.
  4. Once you have made markings 12.5mm up on the block begin to cut from one of the corners with the blade until the block has been divided in two halves that are each 12.5mm thick, as with last time put one of these halves aside; again you can use it too make another outcrop if you wish.  at the end of this stage your block should look something like this: (sorry about it not being  direct upload it wouldn’t work for some reason.Also this is a different block from the finished project)
  5. right,  now you can use the knife to carve rocks etc. however in the finished example mine wasn’t altered aside from a little pile f rocks in the corner (use PVA glue to stick these on)
  6. now take the sand paper and sand down the corners and around the edges until a sloping effect is achieved. (you can make this less work by carefully cutting diagonally along the edges.)
  7. The next step is to now get the bolt gun metal paint and paint out the the rock edges, once this has been done paint over the areas which will have grass in scorched brown, once the bolt gun metal is dried go over it with the devlan mud wash.
  8. once all the paint has dried apply Pva glue and spread it all about (or in small sections if you prefer)  with a paint brush (except on the rock faces) and then get out your flock and pick up clumps of it with the tweezers, shake off the excess and scoop it back into the pot, once you have done the whole model it should be just about ready, simply leave it too dry for a few hours or overnight.

The finished product:

some close ups:


it may be useful for you to make the model in two halves painting wise:

also it may perhaps be beneficial to plan out what you want the model to look like before sculpting.

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