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Hi i’m going to use the following to write about what my blogs going to be about basically:

So yeah, this blog is about Miniature war gaming, or more specifically 28mm war gaming in the early imperial roman/ Han Chinese period! the rules i use to war game with are HC.  Now the reason I’ve chosen to go for such a weird hypothetical war (which I have aptly named the Sino-Roman war) is because I think it is very interesting 😛

I intend to post at least a couple of times daily, and i’ll upload terrain guides/ battle reports etc. (miniature hobby stuff), and the campaign and it’s back story which i am developing for this war 🙂

So if you are the type of person who Thinks they may enjoy reading about a hypothetical war between the Romans and the Chinese then stick around! also read if you want to learn some terrain making guides and have an interest in war games obviously!

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