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They came, I saw, I painted

So my Mayans arrived today from outpost, i must say they are brilliant sculpts and have been a joy to paint so far below is one of the figs painted up šŸ™‚



Mayans are the decided upon faction hehehe ordering them now šŸ™‚ look very interesting to paint…

Mayans or Spainish?

not much hobby activity going on right now sadly, however my future plans are to get either aĀ SpanishĀ orĀ MayanĀ force (of about 10minis) for use in my soon to be outĀ rule setĀ “Warband” probably going to go with the latter, also want to build someĀ Meso-american terrain (thick jungles,Ā AztecĀ houses, step pyramids etc.) have had some good ideas on the warlord forum ( thanks for reading šŸ™‚Ā 

Aztecs and army painter…

WellĀ I’veĀ finished my 10 manĀ AztecĀ project.

All primed with the army painterĀ MattĀ black spray (works really well) i’m really happy with the results and theĀ qauilityĀ of the minisĀĀ is where they came from!Ā HeresĀ a pic or two: enjoy!


Goods imminent!

I currently have 3 orders coming!

Aztecs from outpost miniatures

some bases for said aztecs

black spray primer and sand for painting and basing

Will post pictures when they arrive


Haven’t posted in a while sadly šŸ˜¦ have been busy with coursework etc. Have managed to paint my stugs for Flames of war though šŸ˜€ and ordered someĀ AztecsĀ for a new game i’ve invented šŸ˜‰ (illĀ releaseĀ it when it’s done which it nearly is) I’m going to be trying out the army painter primer for them so i’ll be sure to review it,AnywayĀ HeresĀ a photo of a Stug:


The camo effect has come out really subtle, it’s more obvious in the flesh, My first tank ever painted šŸ™‚

New paints…

Got My Stugs for my FOW platoon, will be painting them up shortly when i buy paints, got them all Ā from wayland gamesĀĀ  who sent me a free 3rd edition rulebook with my order šŸ˜€ also i’ve been designing some ww2 scenarios which i’ll make downloadable