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A new venture

February 13, 2012

Good morning, I have decided (upon getting the new issue of WI) that i wanted to do a certain 15mm WW2 game, I am of course referring to Flames of war! So subsequently i purchased “open fire” from way land games for £16

I’ve decided i’m going to a German Fallschirmjäger company, I’ve already got an 1000point army list together and it’s going to consist of:

1xFallschirmjägerkompanie HQ

2xFallschirmjäger Platoon

1x Fallschirmjäger Machine-gun Platoon

1xFallschirmjäger Light Gun Platoon

1xAssault Gun Platoon(Heer) (2 Stugs that come with the box!)

1xFallschirmjäger Artillery Battery


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