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February 7, 2012

So i picked up WI yesterday, and in it i saw an article about campaigns, after going through the article i decided this would be a good idea for me to use, after making some changes.

The key things i liked about the idea is that: It’s quick, fast paced and it reminds me of Rome total war in someways 😛

Basically in the article theres a big campaign map with 2 factions, 1 of the factions has a pre planned campaign route and the other is free to do whatever, it’s quite in depth and i don’t really want to go into full detail, but basically my idea is basically a small scale total war 😛 attached is a map i made for the campaign. Depending on how well this one plays out, i may be liable to make a whole book full of them 🙂 with accompanying rules for each. the 3 factions are:



Xiongnu (mongol types)


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