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Han army list

January 23, 2012

Right, i’ve finally decided on my division  for my Han Army, I’m basing it on what (according to my osprey book!) was generally what the Han armies of the western han, and presumably the Early eastern Han fielded, it does not apply to late eastern Han though!  The first division is basically a High concentration of crossbow men mixed in with some other infantry and a small force of cavalry, it will also have a general! (as per HC rules) so here is the first division:

(also included are the stats i have decided to award them)

1 division commander

1 “standard” unit of 20 Armoured Halberdiers

Clash: 7 sustained:7

short range:0 long range:0

morale save:4+ stamina:6  and they have the “long spear” special rule

2 “standard” units of crossbowmen (un-armoured) consisting of 20 men each

c: 5 s:5 stamina: 6

sr:4 lr:3  morale save:5

(been given 1 extra short range point because of the power of C’bows)

1 “small” unit of 8 cavalry with swords

c:7 :s4 sr:0 lr:o morale 5+ stamina: 4

Now i know it may seem very small but in general games it may be less than 25% of the entire force!

hope to have this division completed soon 🙂

i will purchase all minis from:

HC can be gotten from




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