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What i did today

January 18, 2012

Well, today I developed 3 scenarios for my campaign book, the way it is going to work is that it is going be a semi-linear story, as illustrated below:

Scenario 1

Han victory                             Roman victory

Play scenario 2                                play scenario 3


So basically, if Han wins scenario 1 you play scenario 2, and if Rome wins you play scenario 3, so i don’t end up with 60 odd scenarios scenario 4 will be played regardless of who wins 2 or 3 respectively, so the campaign is limited but there are alternative scenarios dependent upon who is victorious, the battle currently devised vary in size, although i don’t want to give too much away.

the “campaign map”  basically follows the roman route through the west of china into an area where they trace the secret back too,  obviously though if you haven’t read two posts prior this wont make any sense!

Oh and I’ve nearly finished writing out my painting guide, here is the mini that was painted:

 (this was before shield)



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