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Today’s progress.

January 16, 2012

Hey there, in this post i’m briefly going to list what i’ve done hobby wise today, and my plans for the near future!

firstly I finished off  a command group (albeit a banner transfer) for my 1st han unit, which is going to be of armored spear-man pictures below:


Secondly I did some more work on my rice paddy (pictures tomorrow in a separate post)

Thirdly i painted up the Officer mini i’m going to be using in my step by step guide han painting tutorial (will be a page) (still needs shield gluing on!)


And finally long and short term plans!

well for the short terms i plan to start my han first division and get all my terrain finished, the first division is going to consist of:

1 general

20 armored spears

20 crossbow men

20 crossbow men

and either a 20 unit men of peasant levies or 16 cavalry with swords (probably the latter)


My long term plan is to make a “campaign book” about this hypothetical Sino-roman war, now so far i have a little background story as to why the war is happening etc. so now i’m going summarize what my ideas are for this:

The year is going to be 120ad ish, this is around the time the 9th legion was allegedly destroyed except this is not clear and the may have been sent to Parthia or to quash a revolt, in my scenario however (in order to fit this in so the two armies could fight!) They are sent, by the emperor himself to obtain the secret for Silk making from the Chinese. Now why silk? well according to several of the sources the roman demand for silk was so great that it was potentially damaging to the economy, so if the secret was obtained the Romans could potentially make there own, also the Romans didn’t know the secret to making silk, in fact some of them thought it grew on trees, this adds further basis to make this slightly plausible (of course it never actually happened to my knowledge) so yes, that is basically the back story, the 9th legion is sent on a secret mission in order to obtain the secret of silk making from the Chinese, i think i may name the campaign book “Silk Wars” or something 😉 of course problems still exist i.e. Parthia in the way but i’ll iron it all out eventually 😀


Anyway, if you managed to read through all of that, congrats!



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