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What I buy from where, and a paint scheme for Romans!

January 14, 2012

Right, for the first half of this post i’m going to list the shops where i buy my supplies from and what I like about them, and in the second part of the post i will for through a paint guide for my roman’s!

Right, I buy all of my Roman Miniatures from My two favourite things about warlord are the level of details on the miniatures,  they are very high quality miniatures, especially when you consider the price (30 roman legionaries for £17) I also am really happy with how quickly the products come, (normally next day and delivery is only a pound!) really, really recommend Warlord.

My Chinese, which have been the focus of my most of my posts are going to be purchased from  now i’ve only got 8 miniatures from them so far, and i am very very happy with the quality of them, especially for £1 per metal figure (compare to GW of something like £9 for a general) Delivery was only £2, however they took 8 days to arrive, which although isn’t a huge amount of time is long for first class, however i don’t know if this is the norm as i’ve only had one delivery from them.

My paints are all Gamesworkshop, they are brilliant paints and i really like them, however i must critique there price (2.20 a pot is quite expensive) but i believe you can paint quite a few miniatures with 1pot (e.g. i’ve got loads left and have painted 60 romans)

Paint scheme!

right my Romans are done in a 3 stage method that is simple and quick and gives good results, it is not originally mine and i borrowed it off of this webpage: here is the scheme:

to darkmessiah : i used GW paints : minis were spraycoated black
basecoat wash highlight
clothing = mechrite red, devlan mud, blood red.
armour = boltgun metal, badab black , mithril silver.
shield = clothing colours + armour colours.
flesh = tallarn flesh -> then elf flesh , wash = ogryn flesh , no highlight.
earth and straps = calthan brown, badab black, slightly drybrush calthan brown.
sandals = scorched brown, badab black , no highlight.


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